started doing business in 1988. Since then, we are importing computer hardware from Dubai, Singapore, China, Taiwan and USA. We now conduct both wholesale and retail business. Our wholesale customers are generally local dealers and consultants, many being network experts. Among our retail customers, there are many corporations, universities, government agencies, International NGOs, Embassies, Multinational Organisation, Oil and Gas Industry and private individuals--especially IT professionals. To better serve our customers, we have two locations: the head office and showroom in Blue Area, and our corporate sales office ideally located at Khayaban-e-Suhwarwardy, Islamabad. We own all these properties, indicating not only a strong financial foundation, but also a determination and commitment to serve our customers for many years to come.


One of the most important factors in succeeding at retail business is providing customers with a good selection of products. As a computer dealer located in Blue Area and surrounded by high-tech companies, we not only need to list a complete selection, we must also stock these items. We have set up a policy concerning which items we will carry. First, if a customer cannot find a product on our shelves, we will immediately place a special order for that product. If three customers request a product that we do not normally stock, we will begin to stock that item on our shelves and place it on our stock list. Currently, our list includes over 500 items. Accordingly, many professionals in IT Business regard our stock list as most authentic.” There are virtually no popular computer products that are not included on our list. Please alert us if there is a product we need to stock and we will be more than happy to include it when we update our stock list. We have developed a reputation as being the store to turn to when a customer cannot find what he wants anywhere else. Many people are pleasantly surprised to find that a mid-sized store such as ours can actually stock more items than a larger one. In fact, the sales staff at other computer shops often recommends our store to their customers for items that they don’t carry. While we stock a vast array of items in all categories, we feel that our selection of Branded / Un-branded PCs, Server solutions, Notebook Computers, Laser & Deskjet Printers, Multi-function Printers, Scanners, network products, Data Storage Devices, and Monitors is particularly strong.


Although a wide selection is critical, maintaining low prices is even more important. Our goal in doing business is to demonstrate to our customers that we always offer the lowest prices that we possibly can. Throughout our thirteen years of doing business, we have never had a “bad year.” As a matter of fact, when the economy experiences a downturn, we actually find that our business increases. When things get rough, everybody wants to save as much as possible. We like to think that there is no better place to save money than at our store. We want nothing more than for our customers to be able to shop in our store worry-free, knowing that they will not be overcharged and will always receive a fair price. Many stores boast that they will “match any price.” Many people do not realize that this forces the customer to waste time constantly checking whether or not he, in fact, got the lowest price. Our basic philosophy is to be the standard in overall lowest prices, which means we do not match the others’ low prices: it is usually them matching their prices to our standard. While most stores advertise only a few sale items, we display the fullest confidence in the competitiveness of our prices by listing all of our products in our advertisements along with their prices.


At HB COMPUTERS, we do not simply sell computers. Nor do we only emphasize a wide selection, low prices, and good service. There is a philosophy behind our business: to make a commitment to the community and to honor and maintain that commitment. We view our vendors, employees, and customers as members in our community. Our ultimate goal in business is to serve this community and to be an integral factor in the continued success and growth of Information Technology. Examining the history of HB COMPUTERS, we would note that the growth of our company corresponds to the growing needs of the community. We originally became familiar with computers as a hobby. By fulfilling the needs of our friends and relatives, we began our business in 1988. Eventually, we have grown exponentially in size along with our customer base and their needs. Many customers have now been coming to us for eight or nine years. Our customers are loyal to our store because we are loyal to them. Some customers liked the culture at HB COMPUTERS and decided to shop from us on permanent basis. Our dedicated and technically experienced employees strengthen our commitment to be service-oriented. As much as we value the patronage of our customers, HB COMPUTERS owes all of its success to the hard work and diligence of its employees. Our company makes a commitment to its employees that are as unshakeable as our commitment to our customers. We believe in training our employees well and promoting those that are capable of assuming higher responsibilities. We see ourselves as being lucky for having the staff that we do, not the other way around. Thus, when a customer visits our store, he or she is assured of seeing people that he knows and are familiar with him as well. Our employees often receive training from the suppliers. We are committed to provide closer attention to our clients, faster service, and a quicker repair / replacement time on returned items. Our customers get a larger selection of products to choose from and often are the only ones that are able to buy difficult-to-find products. HB COMPUTERS is in a state of constant growth, extending both our size and commitments. We would like to extend our commitment to our valued clients by sharing the information superhighway. Our staff will work hard to meet the growing needs of customers.

To meet the challenges of the demanding customers

At HB COMPUTERS, we continuously strive to latest high quality genuine products and solutions that will benefit the people who use them and change the way they live and work and at the same time, to exceed the expectation of our customers.

To equip our corporate customers for the new trends in e-Business, HBC is helping them harness the power of the Internet and realize new cost efficiencies through e-services. HBC’s strategy is also built on in-depth trade partnership with the IT industry giants like Intel, Compaq, HP, Philips, Cisco Systems and MicroSoft. In addition, we keep close coordination with IT thinkers and innovators, which lead us to provide 100% hassle-free solutions to our valued customers. Our goal is to deliver all the technology and business supports that our customers need, enabling them to focus on and grow their core business.

The strategy offers easy to buy, easy to use, easy to own leading IT products, solutions and services tailored to enable our customers to successfully meet the challenges of the new Internet age and designed to deliver a consistent customer experience.

Conclusively, we would like to thank you for your business with us. And if you have not yet met the HBC, we hope you can chart the future of your organization together with HBC, like our existing valued corporate clients keep planning with us.

With such tremendous changes created by the Internet revolution, you sure deserve an IT-Solution company like HB COMPUTERS to shoulder you.

                                                                  HASEEB AHMED

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